Websites Design & Development

Website Design - Hosting & Maintenance

We pride ourselves on making great looking websites which work beautifully as well. Fast, memorable and fully responsive.

Delivered by a team with a proven blend of design, technical and marketing skills to make your site a success.

Our maintenance packages ensure your website is kept up to date with the very latest internet technology keeping it secure and cutting edge.
Each maintenance package is carefully tailored to each client's exact monthly requirements.

For more information on our website design and development services please contact us using our form.

Effective website design, development & maintenance.

We make websites that work - both as a successful stand-alone entity in its own right and as a vital part of a business's whole marketing and advertising strategy.

An up-to-date website, that is fully responsive to work on all mobile devices is now essential! all our websites are now fully responsive.

A dynamic website shows arriving traffic that it is active & thriving and visitors to an 'alive' website are immediately encouraged to stay.

You need to hold your visitor's attention long enough to interact & see that you & they are a fit, this is achieved with a design that is intuitively easy to use, with the clever distribution of relevant content making for a pleasant, satisfying & memorable web surfing experience.

If you don't have already, you will need a domain name & web hosting for your website, we can provide you with both these & the cost of domain name renewal & website hosting is included with all of our highly recommended but optional maintenance packages.
Making our client's websites expandable is a key factor in their success, ensuring growth in the best directions.

All websites need a good foundation and our foundation websites are perfect for both startups and developed businesses allowing for both immediate or gradual expansion in multiple directions, providing a strong core foundation with high development potential.

Whether you need the basics or all the bells and whistles straight away, the foundation is essentially the same!

For your unique, professional website we offer original design & intuitive, functional usability, mobile responsive to today's ever-growing mobile marketplace.

After listening to your ideas, we'll provide you with a professionally designed website draft to review and then make revisions until we're all happy.

Our Out There Design's Foundation Website includes free consultation prior to you making a decision to work with us or not.

This foundation will have all the essential ingredients to establish a professional online presence plus the upgrade capability to match its growth expand to follow any new directions your business may take.
Some Features

Out there design website foundations comprise:
Up to 10 web pages: that includes any images and written content you provide us with, (copywriting provided if necessary).

Custom, complementing graphics design features: such as unique header and in-site banners.
Basic interactive contact form (advanced forms available)
An intuitive, user-friendly navigation system so your visitors can find the information they need fast.
Basic Search Engine Optimisation Keywords and Metadata throughout the website.
Front-end content management system for you to easily update the content of your pages plus guides and tutorials and on hand advice.

Social network 'Share' and 'Follow Me' features: FB, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin & Pinterest. (Social Network branding to match also available)
Your terms and conditions - with interactive 'agree to terms' checkbox.

The website will be Mobile Responsive and will, therefore, view and function properly on all today's mobile devices: smartphones and tablets.
Subscription to our newsletter informing you of new developments & services and money-saving offers exclusive to our clients, plus general advice in an ever-changing internet environment.

Domain name purchase and/or pointing/redirection plus 6 months hosting for that domain; includes establishing emails for that domain.

Technical support and aftercare. After your website is live we love to stay in touch with our customers, offering you help and advice, continuing to update and develop your website and keeping you up to date with new developments that might be useful to improve your online presence.
We work alongside you from concept to completion using our three-phase design process of review & revise. We like to remain flexible, but aim toward a method we have formulated over the years that we think best serves everybody involved in the design process.

We will work with any ideas that you may have for the design of your website. Please contact us to discuss using the Contact Form, or our fill in as much as you like of our Website Brief, to help define your requirements & objectives, alternatively feel free to call us on (+44) 7465 233643 to discuss

Here are just some of the features that you might need straight away straight away or over time:

Integrated blogging platform with social network auto-post
Your own social network for your website
Invite friends via email and networks facility
Dynamic, real-time facebook to website feed integration
Basic PayPal payment integration
eCommerce shopping cart facility - various options
Discussion forum/ support area/ FAQ system
Advanced search functionality
Interactive image galleries - various options
Interactive testimonial systems
Quick data capture module
Advanced customised interactive forms
Appointment booking systems
Event and courses booking systems
Image/ news sliders
Interactive sliders - various options
Illustration from concept or brief
Video capability
Graphic design for placement ad banners
Google Adword campaign management
Interactive quiz
Page turning simulation e-brochures and e-booklets
Branding, identity and the 3 phase design process

We work alongside you from concept to completion using our three-phase design process of review and revise. We like to remain flexible, but aim toward a method we have formulated over the years that we think best serves everybody involved in the design process.
Careful consideration and clear communications! overall design layout and navigation/menu system

In phase 1 of our the website design process, reviewing the first design draft is the time to look closely at the initial development result of yours and our ideas combined. Then point out things that you absolutely do not like, things that you want to keep as part of the finished design & to tell us of any changes you would like us to consider & make if possible. We have found this to be a crucial point in the design process. Complete 'back to the drawing board' decisions are made here in Phase 1 where they will not incur you extra charges, before moving on to Phase 2 which we do on your go-ahead.
Review and revise - minor adjustments and alterations, refining graphical elements within the layout

In Phase 2, on receiving your feedback, we make any adjustments and alterations we have discussed to the agreed overall design, for you to review again, (in the unlikely event that there are more minor adjustments we can slip in phase 2.5 for you)

Here is the best time to be sure that we have achieved a design and navigation/menu system that you are happy with and on your approval, we then move onto Phase 3.
Refine and complete

We will at this stage, have reached the design that you are happy with. Now we continue with further development, refinement & testing until your new website is ready to launch.

A new website, whether it's an online initiation or a redesign, even if your previous website was working well, only helps keep people interested & provides the opportunity for a launch, which can be synchronized with a special incentive to existing & potential clients to come on board. We will advise on this.

Tech talk

We prefer to create our websites using Joomla because of its bespoke design potential and the abundance of applications, features, and upgrades that are developed to integrate with the Joomla infrastructure. Joomla developers have their finger on the pulse. Our websites are what are called data-driven websites, a data-driven website uses data from a database to dynamically assemble web pages using live data from a database and uses a database management system called My SQL. Database driven websites such as this are dynamic and allow for live, real-time interactivity and great content management systems for both behind the scenes developers such as us and front-end managers such as you the website owner.